Test your cables and connectors even before they go into production: 3-D prototyping makes it possible.

HOWAG Kabel AG looks at connectivity solutions in its entirety:

We deliver the right cables suitable for demanded mechanical loading capacities and environmental conditions such as humidity, heat, coldness or toxicity. Of course it also includes appropriate connection technology for both cable ends. You would like to test your product before starting the serial production? Not a problem. We will create a genuine 3-D-model which you can have a go at while still being in the designing process. This gives you the chance to accurately determine your product’s final design without only relying on drafts and CAD-graphs.

Our service possibilities:

  • 3-D-samples of connectors
  • Exact interconnect testing in cross section laboratory
  • From prototype to pilot series and mass production- every step exactly synchronized.
  • Worldwide distribution network
  • High voltage test
  • Electronic linking of the system with EDI
  • Just-in-time, Kanban etc.
  • Optimizing of the logistics supply chain to the point of worldwide direct deliveries to customers of our customers