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Our experienced experts are always available to understand your requirements and develop tailored solutions for you, whether it’s in planning new projects or optimizing existing systems. We are well-versed in the safety regulations of the most important industrialized nations. This helps us assist you in meeting the required standards to implement your projects safely and efficiently. Verlassen sie sich auf uns.

As a leading provider in cable assembly, we offer a wide range of services and solutions designed to the specific needs of our customers.

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HOWAG tailors exactly to your requirements.

Cable assembly

From simple patch cables to complex assemblies, HOWAG offers a wide range of processing capabilities with various machines and equipment, enabling us to provide a diverse array of solutions.

In the manufacturing process of cables or assemblies, we employ various techniques such as:

  • Cutting, stripping and crimping
  • Lead-free soldering
  • Connector assembly
  • Drag chain assembly according to the latest standards
  • One or two-component moulding
  • Assembly of complex control systems
    Labelling and marking

High and low pressure injection moulding

We produce connections, fittings, and plugs according to material sensitivity using either high or low-pressure manufacturing methods.

Thanks to our manufacturing expertise in high-pressure processes, we can also realize complex shapes and connections. From overmolded data connectors and electronic components to special solutions. Whether for medical technology or the machinery industry, we always deliver in the renowned Swiss quality.

A spray pressure of over 200 bar is not suitable for all components. Therefore, for sensitive, delicate electronics, we use the gentler low-pressure injection molding process. With pressures ranging from 2 to 40 bar and the use of special melt adhesives, fragile connections are perfectly protected against mechanical damage and environmental influences.


Coiling is the process by which a flexible cable is brought into a spiral shape. This technique allows for adjusting the length of the cable as needed without deforming or damaging it. This method ensures an efficient and tidy connection.

Extendable connections are used for various applications, whether in electronics, the automotive industry, or your field. Flexible and reliable cable connections are indispensable in many places.

The manufacturing of extendable cable connections allows for a maximum extension of up to 8 meters.


Engineering starts with the customer’s idea and extends from the prototype to mass production. The prototype makes their idea tangible for the first time, a crucial step in the entire product development process.

Prototypes enable rapid validation of design and functional concepts. They allow for timely error localization, especially since design or functional errors can be identified early through their use. Thanks to error resolution in the early stages, significant cost savings are achieved in the development process.

Moreover, flexibility plays an important role. Through prototype construction, adjustments to changed requirements are easily possible.

Tool fabrication

Since February 2021, we at HOWAG have been producing our injection molding tools completely in-house. This puts us in the advantageous position to manufacture specialized solutions directly and on-site for our customers, leading to significant time and cost savings for them.

This includes our in-house polymech engineering, which ranges from planning to 3D printing all the way to the final tooling. Does everything fit? That question doesn’t arise. Even during the design process, we internally create a real 3D model that they can hold and try out. This way, they can determine the future product design very precisely – and are not solely reliant on sketches and CAD drawings.

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