Energy chains

Energy-chains, or drag-chains, are often the backbone of the supply and logic to the movably guided elements and sensors in systems and machines. We are familiar with applications such as machine tools, cranes, elevators, lifting platforms, car wash systems and measurement technology.

Ever since Gilbert Waninger invented it in 1953, there has been continuous development of this important component. Initially, it was essentially a matter of bringing electricity to every position in the range of motion in specially designed cables. Then came the signal lines between the sensors and the controller. Today, compressed air, all sorts of liquids and gases and light are also transmitted in large variations. A high-quality energy supply must be able to withstand one to three million cycles and thus outlast the life cycle of the entire system or machine.

Howag can look back on decades of tradition in the manufacture of energy-chains. Our engineers, material procurement and, above all, production know what is important. We can show the customer potential weak points based on experience and suggest solutions for eliminating them.

Our credo is – quality is produced and cannot be tested. Anyone who has ever seen the effort and complexity of an over 30m long energy-chain knows why.